WWE Send FTR Cease & Desist Over Parody T-Shirt

The offending shirt is no longer for sale from Pro Wrestling Tees.

The Revolt Vince McMahon
Pro Wrestling Tees/WWE

The tag team formerly known as The Revival were sent a cease and desist letter from WWE, preventing them from selling a parody t-shirt design through Pro Wrestling Tees.

Dax Harwood tweeted the design on Twitter last month:-

The goofy design is based on images leaked shortly after the duo's WWE releases in April, with reports suggesting that the promotion planned on repackaging the former Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder with a comedy gimmick and wacky, clown-like attire. FTR (or The Revolt) later confirmed this themselves during their appearance on Talk is Jericho.

Per Bodyslam.net, the duo has now been prevented from selling the jokey design. Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler likely expected this in the first place.

FTR's first post-WWE step remains uncertain, though AEW looks extremely likely, with several big hints dropped on recent episodes of Being The Elite. The duo have expressed an interest in working with everyone from The Young Bucks, to Impact's The North, to the Guerrillas of Destiny in NJPW, though the Bucks remain their most-wanted feud. The two tandems have been teasing something for years. Finally, in 2020, they are in a position to deliver.

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