WWE Sent Chelsea Green Natalya's Belongings In A Trash Bag

Another week, another WWE trash bag story...

Chelsea Green Natalya Trash bag

Chelsea Green has revealed that WWE sent her Natalya's personal belonging's in a trash bag a few weeks ago.

Released from WWE on 15 April, Green, like fellow outgoing star Mickie James, received what she thought were her belongings in the mail, telling the story on her 50 Shades of Green podcast (h/t WrestleZone for the transcription):-

“Upon further inspection of the trash bag, I start to realize I’m not really sure what’s in this trash bag. I first pull out some black boots, beautiful black boots, but not my black boots. I then pull out a second pair of black boots, again, beautiful boots—not my boots. Here, we get to the third item, the third item was ugh—the most gorgeous little leather shrug with studs and diamonds and flappy things, pink jewels, all sorts of things. Now, if you know women’s wrestling, you know that the person who wears black leather with pink is always the same person. That is always going to be Nattie.”

Green went on, revealing that other items sent to her may have belonged to other WWE wrestlers as well as Natalya:-

“So I knew right away that the contents of my box were actually Nattie’s box. I continued to pull things out, a lot of it was Nattie’s, but I did run into some questionable items. Some cute little skirts, cute little dresses and things that kinda looked like maybe Lana’s or Liv’s, so I don’t know if there was other things in that box, but there was also a basketball. I don’t know who the f**k is playing basketball at WWE backstage, but someone’s getting their hoops in. So the contents of my box was in fact, not mine, and [it belonged to] many other females.”

When she let WWE know, Green said that an employee who has since been fired told her to drop the items off at somebody's house, from where they'd eventually be sent on to Tampa.

Fortunately, it all worked out in the end. Green called WWE's public handling of the situation "perfect," with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and John Laurinaitis all issuing apologies. As well as phoning every woman impacted by the situation, the company sent flowers.


The aftermath of the trash bag situation saw Mark Carrano fired from WWE, with the promotion blaming him for the faux pas.

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