WWE Sign APW Champion Jody Kristofferson To Developmental Deal

Triple H signed him up when he found out his father was actor/musician Kris Kristofferson.

"Big Country"Jody Kristofferson, son of famous actor and musician Kris Kristofferson, to a developmental deal. Triple H was impressed by Kristofferson at a tryout session a few months back against Brodus Clay but didn't sign him up until he found out who his father was and then invited him to SummerSlam to talk. Either Triple H is a big Kris Kristofferson fan or more likely HHH has got excited about the marketing potential of Jody's heritage. There's nothing quite like the WWE and their love for second or third generation superstars, which in this case extends to the family tree of famous people from other media. Also it should be noted Triple H worked with Kris Kristofferson in the movie Blade Trinity (2004). The word is the deal for Jody has been in place for a while but WWE wanted to keep it quiet. Jody finished his work with the APW promotion in California this weekend where he became APW Universal Heavyweight Champion on his way out of the company (and took part in a celebration int he ring with fellow wrestlers and family including his Dad) and is expected to start in Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa next month. Jody Kristofferson has his own official website HERE. You can watch a match involving Jody below; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r6KvEbhv0c&feature=player_embedded

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