WWE Sign NBC's Titan Gamers Winner Emily Andzulis To Developmental Deal

The Titan Games winner will soon report to the WWE Performance Center.


As WWE continues to look far and wide for new talent, the company has moved to sign Emily Andzulis to a developmental deal. Casey over at Squared Circle Sirens was the first to break the news.

Andzulis shot to fame as the first female champion of NBC’s Titan Games show – which just so happens to be produced and hosted by a certain Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The 27-year-old worked a WWE tryout back in April of last year, and she has since begun training at the Knoxville JPWA school which is operated by Tom Prichard and Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs.


Emily Andzulis is expected to report to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida later this month to begin the first steps in her WWE career.

At present, WWE is aggressively scouring the globe to try and amass as much talent as possible, with the emerging presence of AEW having given Vince McMahon’s company an added impetus to tie up as many wrestlers or wrestling prospects as is possible.


Given the WWE Performance Center’s continued success, Andzulis is likely in the best place to further learn her trade from some of the best trainers in the industry.

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