WWE Sign Rockstar Spud

Former TNA star set to appear on 205 Live.

Impact Wrestling

According to PWInsider, Birmingham-born former TNA X-Division champion Rockstar Spud has signed for WWE, pending the completion of the relevant visa paperwork. The 140lb Spud is slated to bolster the company's cruiserweight brand, 205 Live.

Spud - real name James Curtin - was already a veteran of the UK indie scene, having starred in FWA and IPW:UK before becoming the first winner of TNA's British Boot Camp reality series in 2012. As the winner, the Brit earned a contract with the Nashville outfit, making his in-ring debut in February 2013 as part of the X Division. After a brief hiatus, including a stint in former WWE developmental territory OVW, Spud returned to Impact, transitioning into the flamboyant Chief of Staff role.

So great to see this crew tonight.

— Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) 3 November 2017

On 30 October, it was reported that Spud had been out of contract with the company for several weeks; the news was all but confirmed when Dixie Carter posted a picture on social media at his farewell dinner.

It's been a busy week for comings and goings in WWE. As ever, check back for all the latest news and more.

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