WWE SmackDown 1000: 10 Superstars Who Must Return

10. Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin helped reinvigorate WWE, with his rivalry with Vince McMahon part of the reason why the company's flagship show transformed into the more cutting-edge Raw Is War. However, he also had a major role in SmackDown's initial success.

Synonymous with WWE's Attitude Era, Austin was one of the company's top stars when the blue brand launched and even co-headlined the pilot episode's main event, teaming with The Rock. He would then appear regularly on the show for the following four years, feuding with the likes of Triple H, The Undertaker and the nWo.

The Texas Rattlesnake rarely appeared on SmackDown following his retirement from in-ring competition in 2003, restricting his returns to the show that made him famous — Raw. If his career hadn't been cut short, perhaps we would have seen more of him on the blue brand, but it's undeniable that he made a major impact on the show's early years and helped it grow into the success that it is now.

Austin almost always returns for any of Raw's major milestones, so we shouldn't be surprised if he shows up on SmackDown 1000 to dish out a few Stunners.


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