WWE Smackdown Spoilers - Daniel Bryan Confirms WrestleMania Role

WrestleMania 31 is pretty much booked.

WWE Smackdown was filmed on Tuesday in Detroit, Michigan. The show started with Daniel Bryan announcing that he'll be in the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match at WrestleMania. This brought out all the Ladder participants, and they all brawled, apart from R Truth who stood on the stage with the belt. Whatever you think of Bryan's booking, he can at least excel in what should be a showstealing match at WrestleMania. Los Matadores, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated The Usos, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Ryback knocked off The Miz in a quick match. There was no Mizdow, as Miz had told him to stay in the back. There were loud "We want Mizdow" chants. Roman Reigns was out for a promo when Mark Henry returned. The big man talked about how Reigns needed to earn respect. This resulted in Roman laying Henry out with a superman punch and spear. They are expected to wrestle next week on Raw. AJ Lee and Paige defeated Cameron and Summer Rae. The Bellas came out and did some arguing with the faces afterwards. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose defeated Bad News Barrett, Stardust and Luke Harper in the main event after Bryan hit his flying knee finisher on Harper. Michael Cole interviewed Bryan, Ziggler and Ambrose afterwards. This descended into the babyfaces falling out and calling Bryan a turd.
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