WWE Smackdown Spoilers - Sheamus Returns Against Daniel Bryan

The first Smackdown since WrestleMania.

Smackdown was taped this week in Fresno, California. New WWE Champion Seth Rollins opened the show, gloating about Brock Lesnar's suspension. Randy Orton interrupted, stating that he was still owed a WWE title match. Kane then made a match to take place immediately, Orton vs Big Show. The match went to a DQ, after The Authority interfered when Orton was about to hit the RKO. Ryback then ran out for the save, cleaning house of The Authority. Naomi defeated Natalya in a short match, in which The Bellas did commentary. Roman Reigns was interviewed in a pre-taped segment. He said that he would win the WWE Title in the future, and that he didn't blame Rollins for taking the opportunity. Miz beat R Truth in a quick match, before Mizdow ran out and decked his former partner. John Cena came out to a great reaction and did another pro American promo. Rusev interrupted and the two traded words, before the American flag was draped from the rafters. Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via DQ. The finish was Harper putting Ambrose through the announce table. Sheamus came out and got a huge heel reaction. He has new music and looks reinvigorated by his new persona. He had a match with Daniel Bryan, which was a very physical contest. The finish was Bryan being counted out, after Bad News Barrett clocked him at ringside with a Bullhammer Elbow behind the ref's back.
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