WWE SmackDown Star Injured At Weekend Live Event

This blue brand talent reportedly suffered an injury at yesterday's house show.

Sonya Deville


In an update on the story that Sonya Deville was injured at a WWE house show yesterday, the star herself has taken to Twitter to reveal that the injury suffered was a nasty cut above her eye.

Deville received stitches once she returned to the back, and hopefully this is something that won't cause the 29-year-old to miss any substantial ring time.


Original Report

Sonya Deville reportedly suffered an injury at a WWE live event over the weekend.

As per eWrestlingNews' Ryan Clark - who was in attendance for the event in question - Deville was injured during a triple threat match pitting her against Liv Morgan and SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.


Taking place on Sunday from Pensacola, Florida's Pensacola Bay Center as part of a WWE Road to WrestleMania Supershow, this bout came to an abrupt end with Flair pinning Morgan while Sonya was tended to by WWE officials on the outside of the ring. As Clark notes, the finish seemed to be an improvised one, with Charlotte and Liv celebrating together post-match.

It was also detailed that the Jersey Devil was able to make her own way to the back with the assistance of WWE medical staff.


For Sonya Deville, she's recently been involved in a mini-feud with the aforementioned Charlotte Flair over the Queen's SmackDown Women's Title. Unfortunately for Deville, she's come up short on a couple of occasions in her quest to dethrone Flair, the most recent of which being a singles contest between the pair on this past Friday's episode of SmackDown.

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