WWE SmackDown Star Wins First TV Singles Match Since November 2022

It's been a long wait for this WWE star. He just won his first one-on-one in eight months!

Butch Pete Dunne WWE

Brawling Brutes member Butch bagged his first televised singles win since November 2022 on the latest episode of SmackDown.

Butch pinned Baron Corbin in less than two minutes to earn a spot in the upcoming Money In The Bank ladder match over in his native England. To put that into context, a certain Pete Dunne hasn't won a one-one-one bout on WWE TV since beating Sami Zayn way back on the 18 November edition.


That was a first round bound in the SmackDown World Cup, which honestly feels like it happened a lifetime ago at this point. Of course, Butch mainly works tag-team matches alongside his partners Ridge Holland and Sheamus, but he has had a scatter of singles matches on TV since pinning Sami.

All of them ended in defeat, but Friday night was different.


Triple H and his creative team tossed Butch a bone here. It'll mean a lot to him personally to take part in MITB over in London, and a special performance there could pave the way towards a more sustained singles career on the main roster.

For now, Butch is probs just happy he got to win a singles scrap.

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