WWE SmackDown Viewership Hits 2 Million For 3rd Straight Week

SmackDown's viewership has locked into a steady groove lately.

Braun Strowman

WWE's SmackDown viewership appears to have finally locked into a steady, consistent groove as the Empty Arena Era continues.

The 22 May episode hit just over 2 million, coming in at an average of 2,040,000 across its two hours, which is the exact same figure as the 8 May episode. The number is a decline of just 3,000 on the previous week's show.

The Nielsen system's 10% margin of error more than covers these differences, making them even more negligible.

As far as the key 18-49 demographic goes, SmackDown finished number one amongst cable shows on the night, notching a 0.60 rating for the first time since 17 April. This is up from the previous week's 0.55.

Further viewership data won't be made available until Monday, though it appears, for now, that WWE has stopped the rot. SmackDown's total falling below 2 million on 1 May was worrisome though the consistently solid Friday night brand is now pulling consistent numbers.

This week's show was built largely around a clash of the champions as Bayley faced Charlotte Flair, plus the ongoing Intercontinental Championship tournament and Mandy Rose and Otis vs. Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler.

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