WWE SmackDown's Mystery Woman Gets New Nickname

Where's MC Hammer when you need him?


WWE's mystery woman continues to get the vignette treatment on SmackDown.

This week, Carmella's new character was shown scribbling the word "Untouchable" across her vanity mirror before taking a picture of her handiwork. This either means that she'll be totally renamed, or that WWE will be giving her a new nickname.

'Untouchable' Carmella might replace 'Princess Of Staten Island' and 'F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S' Carmella.


On that, it's definitely 'Mella, right? Last week, she almost showed her face off but hid it behind a hand mirror at the last possible second. This is 100% a soft reboot of the scrapped 'Emmalina' idea from years ago. In fairness, there's probably nobody better to play the gimmick than Carmella.

One look at her Instagram page reveals that she loves the camera, and why not? Her pictures are stunning, and that kind of self-confidence could be the basis for a strong, borderline Diva-esque character on Friday nights.


It's not hard to envision her real-life lover Corey Graves gushing over his lady when she makes her entrance. He's already done that for Mandy Rose in the past.

You can see the short, 48-second long vignette below.


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