WWE SmackDown's New 'Heels': 10 Possible Candidates

If the shoes fit...


The Quentin Tarantinos amongst WWE's fanbase (including, perhaps, actual WWE fan Quentin Tarantino) got into something of a lather during SmackDown this past Friday, teased by a couple of vignettes showing nothing more than a set of high-heel shod feet elegantly prowling a purple-lit void.

Obviously, WWE aren't aiming to spike SmackDown numbers with some mild content for foot-fetishists; clearly, this is a way to introduce a new - or re-introduce an old - member of their roster.

Besides the shapely shanks, our only other clue was the red soles of said shoes. WWE themselves highlighted this fact when resharing the clip via Twitter, suggesting it is Significant with a capital 'S'.

Within moments, stiletto-sleuthing Columbos of the internet produced a list of possible suspects, ranging from the realistic to the frankly preposterous. It's not Sable, for starters. We won't even waste a slide on that.

However, we will waste ten slides speculating on some of the (mostly) probable candidates. First reaction is that this is probably a pretty antediluvian gimmick from WWE's ancient playbook, but hey, we might as well have a bit of fun with it.

So, if the shoe fits...

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