WWE SmackDown's New Logo Revealed

But what about THE FIST?

new sd logo

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet has revealed on Twitter the new SmackDown logo ahead of the October 4 move to FOX (pictured).

Author's Note:

It's nice. There's an astute and visually pleasing old school feel to it that might appeal to (if not tempt) the old, lapsed audience - a sort of 'the SmackDown you remember is back, and bigger than ever!' pitch. There's a clean look to it. WWE hasn't messed around with the colour scheme just because.

The first show also has an old school vibe to it; WWE is relying on its Legends to spike a rating, including but not limited to Goldberg, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley and Ric Flair. Wild rumours of appearances from The Rock and even Donald Trump have circulated in recent months, too.

"Great show, tremendous show. The biggest show. And - that's good. All indications are, it's gonna drew huge ratings. Huge. All Talk Tony Khan and Carny Cody can't cope!"

No word yet on whether WWE will "bring back" a new HD-friendly version of the iconic fist prop of yore - but we can exclusively reveal that an inanimate object cannot, in fact, write the same gripping stories found in the Attitude Era.

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