WWE Splitting Popular Tag Team Soon?

The end may be near for this WWE tandem if recent reports are to be believed.

Rey Mysterio Dominik Mysterio

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE's creative team has been weighing up a split storyline for Rey and Dominik Mysterio once the pair returns to TV.

WWE's father/son combo has been absent from screens since working an attack angle with Veer Mahaan shortly after WrestleMania 38. Rey and Dom also teamed up at 'Mania in a losing effort vs. The Miz and special guest Logan Paul.

Since then, Rey and Dominik have been undergoing some stem cell treatments away from the ring, and there's no word yet on when they're set to return. However, Dave Meltzer's sources within the company tell him that WWE hasn't abandoned the long-rumoured split story altogether.


That could still happen.

Interestingly, Dave noted that WWE might not turn Dominik heel (which was previously expected to be the most logical route). Instead, they could just have them go their separate ways and sell the split as Dom going out on his own to carve his own legacy without daddy dearest.


That would probably mean a brand jump for one of them is in the offing too. Again though, nothing is concrete at this stage.

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