WWE Star Brings Back Old Gimmick, Entrance Music At House Show

A recent WWE Saturday Night's Main Event brought a big gimmick comeback...

Saturday Night's Main Event

Robert Roode became 'Glorious' once more during a recent WWE Saturday Night's Main Event show.

The former NXT Champion brought back his original WWE gimmick for last Saturday's house show in Canton, Ohio, where he wrestled Raw up-and-comer Veer Mahaan. While Roode ended up losing the match (per Wrestling Inc.) to Mahaan, who is currently in the midst of a heavy push opposite Rey and Dominik Mysterio on television, his 'Glorious' reprisal was well-received by the live crowd.

@CatchNews uploaded the following clip of Roode's arrival at Saturday Night's Main Event. Crucially, the veteran brought back his universally loved 'Glorious Domination' entrance theme for the occasion, as well as his old sequined robe and signature poses.


Roode's regular WWE tag team partner, Dolph Ziggler, is currently off the road, having not wrestled since the 4 April episode of Raw. With Dolph taking time off to run one of his stand-up comedy tours, it looks like Roode decided to experiment in Canton.

The 'Glorious' character helped get Roode over huge during the early stages of his WWE run, which commenced in NXT in 2016. Whether or not it will make a full-time return to television is unclear.

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