WWE Star Injured During Weekend Live Event

Former Women's Champion was assisted to the back during last night's live event.

Carmella WWE

It appears that Carmella suffered an injury at last night's WWE live event from the North Charleston Coliseum in South Carolina.

There, 'Mella was in triple threat action against Asuka and Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair. As per Twitter user @sashasliv, who was in attendance for the show, the second generation star is believed to have hit her head during a spot in the corner of the ring.

Carmella was able to stand under her own power, though the referee threw up the ominous X sign, which led to officials helping the former SmackDown Women's Champion to the back while seemingly shielding her from the venue's lights.

Carmella Injury
Twitter @sashaliv

In a further update on this, PWInsider's live report stated the following:

Carmella tried to break it up but Belair did a backflip over her. Carmella seemed to get caught between Belair and Asuka in the middle of the backflip. She buckled and dropped to the mat stunned. She rolled herself out of the ring to the floor. Referee Daphanie LaShaunn had a look of concern and called for medical staff to check on Carmella at ringside while the match was still going on. Carmella did not return to the match and the finish happened about a minute or so later.

In a now-deleted tweet, Corey Graves - Carmella's husband - didn't seem particularly pleased about learning of this injury via social media, as he tagged the official WWE Twitter account in a post that said, "LOVE learning that my f**king wife got injured at a live event via Twitter."


Here's hoping that Carmella isn't out of action for too long, although this is obviously a developing situation that we'll likely hear more on over the next few days.

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