WWE Star Preparing For Indie Return After Trademarking Old Ring Name?

This wantaway stay could be getting ready for life after WWE...


In news that will surprise absolutely nobody who has been following his case this year, it looks like WWE's Luke Harper is gearing up for a return to the independent wrestling scene.

As pointed out by PWInsider's Steven Fernandes over the weekend, Harper filed a trademark application for "Brodie Lee," relating to "entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer," as well as "shirts."

Brodie Lee is the name Harper performed under prior to joining WWE in March 2012. His current contract with Vince McMahon's promotion is thought to run until mid-2020, as September saw WWE extend it by six months following a wrist injury in late 2018.

Harper's name has been in and out of wrestling headlines all year. The big man publicly asked for his release in April, but while the impassioned Twitter post pleading to WWE's better nature worked for Shawn Spears a few months prior, the company said "no" to Harper. Luke has since accused WWE of stealing t-shirt designs from a friend and briefly returned to television to team with former partner Erick Rowan, only to disappear into the abyss afterwards.

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