WWE Star REFUSED Release, AEW Wrestler Exits (VIDEO)

Andy H. Murray & Adam Wilbourn on WWE, Roderick Strong's release request, Stu Grayson, AEW & more!

Join WhatCulture's Andy H. Murray & Adam Wilbourn as they bring you Tuesday's rundown of all the latest wrestling news.

Today's video begins with the Roderick Strong saga (00:50). The former Undisputed Era member has reportedly requested his WWE release several times recently, but it appears the promotion isn't going to budge. Unfortunately for him, Strong signed a contract extension last summer.


From there, we move over to a potential AEW departure, as one of the promotion's most tenured wrestlers goes missing from the talent roster (05:54). Now, the word is they may have left the company outright.

Roderick Strong

We then jump back to WWE, covering a report on the promotion's new plans for more regular rounds of NXT releases (09:06).


Finally, we talk about the NXT 2.0 up-and-comer that WWE management is reportedly high on (12:34), having been impressed by their ability to get over since debuting.

As always, today's video closes with your best Twitter questions - plus the world-famous And Finally.


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