WWE Star Reportedly Requests Release

One WWE Raw star wants out due to his "lack of opportunities" in the company.

Gran Metalik

The Wrestling Observer (via Mas Lucha) are reporting that Gran Metalik has requested his release from WWE.

Metalik has grown concerned by the "lack of opportunities" afforded to him on Raw and in the promotion generally. The masked man has barely wrestled for WWE since March; in fact, he's only worked 10 bouts (all of them televised on Raw, SmackDown or Main Event) between April-present day.

He and Lucha House Party partner Lince Dorado haven't appeared on any house show cards since WWE started running them again post-pandemic either. It's clear that Metalik, who has been with the company since 2016, feels his time is up.


The former Mascara Dorada previously shone in CMLL and New Japan Pro Wrestling before signing with WWE and dazzling as part of the Cruiserweight Classic series. He'd go on to form LHP with Kalisto and Dorado. Then, when Kalisto left last year, the team's importance dwindled and they've been background noise ever since.

Metalik's WWE deal is reportedly "valid until 2023" (according to write-ups in The Observer and Mas Lucha). He wants out of that imminently, but it remains to be seen if WWE will play ball.

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