WWE Star Says Some Fans View Her As "The Anti-Christ"

This WWE wrestler expects a hostile reaction come Extreme Rules in Philadelphia.

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Ronda Rousey thinks some WWE fans view her as "the anti-Christ".

Rousey was discussing her next pay-per-view match (vs. Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules on 8 October) on a Twitch stream when she paused to reflect on treatment from company audiences. Has it changed since she turned heel? According to Ronday, no - not really.

Some crowds seem to love her and are very happy to see the ex-MMA fighter, whereas others "hate" everything she stands for and boo her out of the building. There never seems to be any 50/50 vibes, which...isn't exactly an awful thing for pro wrestling.


It's probably better that Rousey is either cheered or booed instead of fans sitting on their hands or yawning their way through segments/matches.

Ronda recognises that, but knows she's in for a tough time when WWE rolls into Philadelphia for Extreme Rules. The Philly audience is notoriously rowdy, so much so that Rousey described them as "a heel crowd". She also said they've "been a bunch of haters on me before", so she isn't expecting much love inside the Wells Fargo Center next weekend.


Rousey is scheduled to wrestle Morgan for the SmackDown Women's Title at Extreme Rules.

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