WWE Star Set To Turn Heel Soon?

A former writer thinks WWE has already started to turn this star heel.

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Has WWE started Liv Morgan's slow-burn turn towards the heel side?

Former creative team member Freddie Prinze Jr certainly thinks so. The actor opined, via his 'Wrestling With Freddie' podcast, that writers on SmackDown actually launched Liv's turn a few weeks ago. That, Prinze Jr reckons, is why she was scripted to "put her lie out there" during backstage skits opposite Ronda Rousey.

That's an interesting thought. Morgan did tell a bemused Rousey that she'd 'beaten her twice', and that line alone sounded heel-ish. Also, as Freddie pointed out, Liv watched Ronda wrestle whilst "up in a private suite looking down".


The ex-writer doesn't think any of this is accidental.

Morgan's SmackDown Women's Title win was greeted with cheers back at Money In The Bank in early-July. Since then though, the babyface has struggled to fend off jeers from an audience that detests how half-baked her title run has been.


The screwy ending to Liv's match vs. Ronda at SummerSlam was the final nail for many. It might be best if she does turn heel, but that would also leave SmackDown fairly short on the babyface side.

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