WWE Star Shoots On Missing Clash At The Castle

This current Raw star is bummed out that WWE has nothing for him in Cardiff.

AJ Styles
Impact Wrestling

AJ Styles is sad that WWE's creative team seemingly has nothing for him on the upcoming UK stadium show Clash At The Castle.

The current Raw man told ITR that he "would love to put on a show" in Cardiff on 3 September. Unfortunately for AJ, he hasn't been factored into the plans for WWE's first major stadium event on these shores since 1992.



Styles missed recent pay-per-views like Money In The Bank and SummerSlam too - the veteran remains one of WWE's best (and most reliable) in-ring performers, but he's kinda lost in the shuffle right now. Spots on Clash At The Castle are also at a premium, and it doesn't look like AJ will bag one.

The former two-time WWE Champ lost a hot United States Title bout to reigning champion Bobby Lashley on this past Monday's episode of Raw. Winning that belt, whilst unlikely considering recent booking, might've been Styles' only ticket to Wales.


Now, he'll probably have to sit back home and watch the show. Go on, WWE. Give AJ an exhibition on the card and let him fly. Perhaps literally.

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