WWE Star Teases Return To Former Gimmick

This SmackDown star is teasing a return to their former, much loved gimmick.

Pete Dunne

Could we soon see the full return of Pete Dunne? Right now, it very much seems like that's the case.

Taking to Twitter, the nowadays Butch took to Twitter to make sure people "remember" him in full Pete Dunne mode, complete with the NXT UK Title in his grasp. Well, in his mouth, technically, but you know what I mean.


In addition to this, WrestleVotes exclusively told GiveMeSport that Triple H does indeed have plans to revert Butch back to his Bruiserweight persona.


This report notes that the Game had actually intended to reintroduce Pete Dunne last year, but he decided to hold off on doing that when the Brawling Brutes started to catch on with audiences. Alongside Sheamus, the pairing of Butch and Ridge Holland had a solid second half of 2022, famously putting on banger after banger after banger after... you get the point.

There's no specifics in terms of when the Butch mantle will be entirely dropped, though one might speculate that such a tweak in character would make sense to take place once WrestleMania 39 is in WWE's rear-view mirror.

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