WWE Star Wrestles First Match In 330 Days On SmackDown

Friday night might've been pre-taped, but it was a long time coming for this WWE man.

Karrion Kross Scarlett Drew Gulak

Karrion Kross wrestled his first WWE match in 330 days on the go-home edition of SmackDown pre-Clash At The Castle.

The comeback success story won't be involved (at least not officially) in events over in Cardiff, but WWE did a fine job of reintroducing him on FOX. Kross squashed Gulak, who is particularly good at taking such a kicking, and he was even handed some more promo time on the episode.

Of note, it was great to see Scarlett back doing her thing alongside Karrion - eyebrows were raised when Vince McMahon split the pair upon calling Kross up from NXT to Raw last summer, and that eventually led to the couple's respective departures from the promotion.


They're back though. This showing proves it was the right decision to reunite them.

The bout vs. Gulak, to put things into proper context, was Kross' first televised WWE match since beating Ricochet in a brief five-minute encounter on the 7 October 2021 episode of 'C' show Main Event. He's...come a long way since then, to say the least.


Karrion's attentions will quickly turn to Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns over the rest of the weekend and beyond.

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