WWE: Stephanie McMahon Thought Triple H And Shawn Michaels Were Gay

Stephanie McMahon has told the Daily Mirror that she actually questioned Triple H's sexuality during his D-Generation X days with Shawn Michaels in the mid to late 90's. "I can't say this, he's going to kill me," she laughed, "I actually wondered if he and Shawn Michaels had more than a friendship." McMahon laughed about it but she wasn't the only one who questioned Shawn and Hunter's sexuality in the 1997 period. Both men were genuine best friends and buddied around together in the backstage. On camera they did nothing to discourage such speculation, appearing half naked together and even kissing at one point on TV. The truth is that they really were just good friends who enjoyed goofing off. Hunter was dating Chyna at the time and Shawn was just a few years shy of settling down with a former WCW Nitro dancer. The humorous allusions of DX were just a way of getting heat and attention for their act. Stephanie McMahon would begin to get to know Triple H once they started working together on television in 1999. At this point she obviously realised that Hunter didn't have "more than a friendship" with Shawn Michaels and she proceeded to fall in love with the rising star's fun personality. The couple went on to get married and have since had three daughters at the same time as cementing their status as the heirs apparent to Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment empire.
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