WWE STILL Using Same Flight Company Responsible For Crown Jewel 2019 Disaster?

It's almost as if WWE are inviting another Saudi Arabian travel calamity...

WWE Super ShowDown

WWE's latest controversial Saudi Arabian pay-per-view, Super ShowDown 2020, goes down this Thursday (27 February), and it looks like the company haven't made any significant amendments to their travel plans despite the Crown Jewel 2019 disaster.

WrestleVotes tweeted the following yesterday, claiming that the promotion was using the same flight company despite significant delays last time around:-


For those who may have forgotten, an unfortunate situation unfolded following Crown Jewel 2019, with reports that WWE's flight was kept grounded on the runway long after it was supposed to take off. There was talk of everything from technical faults to Vince McMahon getting into an altercation with Saudi officials over WWE's payment for the show.

Ultimately, the crew ended up leaving the Kingdom 24 hours later than they were supposed to, meaning that NXT wrestlers had to be called up to fill the gaps on SmackDown.


What followed was one of WWE's most enjoyable weekly shows of the year. Still, that the wrestlers stuck in Saudi Arabia had to go through such an ordeal gave critics another justifiable reason to throw shade at WWE's deal with the nation.

Here's hoping things go smoother this time.

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