WWE Stock Today Hits 52-Week High

Is WWE stock heading straight to the moon, ala Gamestop?

Vince McMahon Money

Earlier this morning, WWE stock hit a 52-week high figure of $70.02 per share.

Seemingly due to interest from the r/WallStreetBets subreddit – which previously played a huge part in the stunning spikes in Gamestop (straight to the moon!) and AMC shares – WWE stock opened today at $63.01 per share, hit that $70.92 high, and has stayed at above $62.99 for the rest of the day as it stands.

What does all of this mean? It means today’s a good day to have already had some WWE stock in your back pocket.


As pointed out by Brandon Thurston of the brilliant Wrestlenomics, these stock price changes at one point meant that Vince McMahon’s WWE stock was almost $300 million more valuable today than it was yesterday. For those wondering, McMahon as a cool 29 million shares in the company.

More interestingly, it'll be fascinating to see how WWE stock fares over the coming days and weeks as a result of today's movements - and likewise, whether WWE shares will follow Gamestop and AMC in becoming the must-have hot ticket for those who linker to tinker in the stockmarket.

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