WWE Stock Tumbles After Co-Presidents Fired - More Reaction To Departures

All the fallout from George Barrios and Michelle Wilson's WWE departures.

Vince McMahon WWE Stock

Last night was a busy one for pro-wrestling media, with all kinds of fallout filtering through in the wake of Michelle Wilson and George Barrios' unforeseen WWE departures.

The company's stock price took an immediate hit. This information is freely available to anyone, though Dave Meltzer was one of the first to bring it to light:-

Per the New York Stock Exchange, WWE's share value sits at $47.95 at the time of writing. It closed at $60.95/share at the end of the previous day. A predictable sign of investor uncertainty, here, as Wilson and Barrios were two of WWE's most important executives.

CM Punk, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, poked fun at WWE following the announcement:-

Elsewhere, former WWE Digital Producer Zach Linder chimed in with an amusing Barrios story:-

Barrios and Wilson will be fine. Per Wrestlenomics Radio, the duo are expected to pocket somewhere in the region of $8 million each in compensation for their dismissals.

WWE's official release stated that the duo were let go as they disagreed with Vince McMahon on "how best to achieve our strategic priorities moving forward." That they are being made scapegoats ahead of what is expected to be a disappointing set of WWE financial reports (due next week) has been speculated, so hopefully the coming days will shed more light on that.

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