WWE Struggling To Sell Tickets For Survivor Series 2021 PPV

Ticket sales are way, way down for WWE's upcoming 'big four' PPV.

WWE Survivor Series 2021

With WWE's next 'big four' PPV now only seven weeks away, it looks as if the company is having trouble selling tickets for next month's Survivor Series.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reports that current ticket sales for the 2021 Survivor Series are below what WWE would usually expect from a) one of its tentpole PPVs, and b) a show emanating from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Normally, WWE wold have hoped to sell around 7,000 tickets by this point in time. Instead, Vince McMahon's sports entertainment juggernaut has offloaded approximately 5,000 tickets for its annual November spectacle. Of that 5,000, some of those are complimentary freebies, while 2,000 tickets are believed to have been purchased purely for resell purposes on the secondary market.


Famously, New York has long been a major market for WWE, with it viewed as the traditional 'home' of McMahon's promotion. As such, tickets usually fly out for any and all WWE events taking place in and around New York.

Of course, AEW recently had nearly 20,000 people in attendance for its Grand Slam extravaganza from Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. Meltzer adds how the higher price of WWE tickets relative to AEW tickets isn't a particular factor in these struggling Survivor Series sales, with Dave pointing out how high prices haven't impacted WWE ticket sales in recent years, and also noting how UFC sells so well still in New York despite having similar prices to WWE.


As a point of reference, the last NXT special to take place from the Barclays Center was TakeOver: New York in April 2019 - with a crowd of 16,000 people in attendance on that night.

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