WWE SummerSlam 2019: 10 Last-Minute Rumours You Need To Know

No Jon Stewart this year lads, sorry.

Big four pay-per-view or not, anticipation for this Sunday's SummerSlam is running about as hot as Bonfire Night excitement in the Fawkes' household. It's the biggest party of the summer, after all, and WWE still think we all regard it as their 2nd biggest show of the year despite the fact the Royal Rumble exists.

Regardless, the company have seemingly pulled out a really strong card virtually from nowhere. All the talk of post-WrestleMania malaise has given way to some intriguing storylines, positive episodes of TV, and matches that genuinely feel like that might... whisper it... be quite good. I'm not going crazy and telling you the good times are here to stay but, hey, they're back for the weekend.

As ever though this is WWE and with any major event comes all manner of hearsay and speculation about what could happen, what it could mean, and where it could all go. All the major title matches feel like payoffs to feuds both short and long, so if nothing else we're going to be getting a lot of clues about how the product's going to look heading into the back half of the year

But, if nothing else, Brock might do another SummerSlam main event murder, not that anyone's dared speculate on that yet. Let's get started...

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