WWE SummerSlam 2019: 40 Things You Probably Missed

AEW references, rebellious fan chants, great parenting and Brock's new catchphrase...

Seth Rollins

Time to paraphrase Sly Stallone as Rocky for a minute. Hey Becky, he did it!

WWE's romantic rebels have both top red belts on Raw again now that Seth Rollins has regained the Universal Title from part-time monster Brock Lesnar. His SummerSlam victory wasn't quite the trip to 'Suplex City' that Paul Heyman and his client had in mind, and it was in fact only "torture" for the heels.

That main event spewed out a few things you might've missed, and there were loads others scattered throughout a refreshingly well-paced evening in Toronto. SummerSlam 2019, for the most part, was an enjoyable romp through nine main card matches that played in front of a rowdy, enthusiastic Canadian crowd.

Most of the 40 gems on offer here flit between discussing references to past and present, some hilariously sh*tty fan chants, Charlotte Flair having the time of her life, Kofi Kingston's kid trying to get in on the act and more. There's also great facial expressions, nightmarish props and some fans rebelling against 'The Man' and her push.

Prepare to get summer slammed by this mountain of things you probably missed...


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