WWE SummerSlam 2021 To Be WrestleMania Calibre Event, HUGE Main Event Planned?

SummerSlam 2021 could be set to become the biggest wrestling show of the year.

John. Cena SummerSlam

WWE is reportedly planning on making SummerSlam 2021 its biggest show of the year, with the company set on delivering a WrestleMania calibre experience on 21 August.

"After speaking to a few sources on the topic, I've learned that WWE is 100% attempting to make SummerSlam this year's WrestleMania," reported WrestleVotes on Wednesday. "'All resources will be tapped into' is how it was explained to me."

As part of this, WrestleVotes states that the company wants Roman Reigns vs. John Cena to headline, which Spectrum Sports' Jon Alba has corroborated.


"I can confirm, after speaking with multiple sources, Roman Reigns vs. John Cena is the targeted main event at the moment," tweeted Alba. He noted that Cena's schedule eases off in early July, making a WWE return more feasible, referencing the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast's Andrew Zarian's 27 May tease on Cena vs. Reigns.

A report earlier this week appeared to rule another of WWE's big part-time stars, Brock Lesnar, out of SummerSlam, though this could change before the pay-per-view.


SummerSlam 2021 will be the first time WWE's big summer pay-per-view goes down in an NFL stadium, with the show heading to Las Vegas, Nevada's 65,000-seater Allegiant Stadium.

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