WWE Superstar: Vince McMahon "Knows He's Untouchable" Backstage

"I would punch you if I could" - WWE Superstar to Vince McMahon following recent backstage exchange.

Happy Corbin

Happy Corbin referred to Vince McMahon as "untouchable" and noted that he "wanted to fight him" following a recent backstage interaction.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on his Out Of Character series, Corbin was discussing how "cool" most of the roster were with The Rock thanks to his previous life as a wrestler, using McMahon as a contrasting figure behind the scenes.

He said (h/t Wrestling Inc);

“I think people see Vince [McMahon] as your boss and he’s gonna control your future...So that’s a little more intimidating, except for when he knocked my hat off yesterday; I wanted to fight him...I was sitting down like this at the table and then I get hit in the back of my head, my hat flies off and I turn around and he’s just belly laughing at me...I’m like, dude, I would punch you if I could. Yes, yes. He knows he’s untouchable and can just mess with me.”

Corbin has been on the WWE main roster since 2016, getting the call-up in time for a WrestleMania 32 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory. He looks set to take on Pat McAfee at SummerSlam following a testy exchange between them following his feud-ending loss against Madcap Moss.


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