WWE Superstars "Expected" Daniel Bryan To Be In WWE Royal Rumble 2016

As did the rest of the WWE Universe....

Members of WWE's roster were expecting Daniel Bryan to make a surprise return at the 2016 Royal Rumble in Orlando, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Even though he still hadn't been cleared by WWE doctor Joseph Maroon, the former WWE Champion's health was given the all clear while visiting concussion specialists at UCLA in the days leading up to last Sunday's Rumble event. However, the return never materialised as Triple H won his 14th WWE World Championship. In addition to the Observer's report, UFC's Benson Henderson took to Twitter and added a considerable amount of fuel to the fire. The day before the Rumble, Henderson tweeted: "Guess who I heard was back??? #DanielBryan, yeah buddy!!! #FakeWrestlingRealAthletes #Respect." https://twitter.com/BensonHenderson/status/690635650979074048 The one-time UFC Lightweight Champion and Bryan have met before and are familiar with each other reports the Observer, but the inaccuracy of the tweet suggests they're not that close... WWE and Bryan have reportedly been trying to come to some sort of compromise in regards to his future in recent times. Daniel is desperate to get back into the ring and wrestle, but with Maroon refusing to clear him, Vince McMahon has been offering his former World Champion contracts to take up numerous other roles including a Performance Center trainer and commentator. As long as he fails to get that all important clearance from Dr Maroon, Bryan's wrestling career, in WWE at least, is over.

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