WWE Survivor Series 1999 Roster: Where Are They Now?

Almost 50 different wrestlers worked Survivor Series 20 years ago. What happened to them?

Steve Austin

Think of Survivor Series 1999 roadkill Steve Austin as an honourable mention.

He didn't wrestle a match on the card, but he burned the pay-per-view into fan minds forever by being involved in a hit-and-run angle halfway through it. By the end of the night, Big Show shocked everyone by becoming the new WWF Champion, and his horrible feud with Big Boss Man became a promotional centrepiece.

It's quite harrowing when scouring the 1999 card to see that no fewer than nine performers have since passed away. Some of them were older anyway, whereas others died too young from a combination of factors including drugs, heart problems and heartbreak.

Another thing becomes clear when re-watching the show today: 2019's version cannot be as haphazard or clumsy in-ring. For every big star 1999 had, there was a mediocre match waiting for them. Actual wrestling quality was not an ongoing concern back then. Beating WCW and running a "sports entertainment" soap opera very much was.

This is the story of the men and women involved, and what's become of them since the late-90s...


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