WWE Survivor Series 2020: 10 Things That Must Happen

Survivor Series is WWE's final 'Big Four' show of 2020 - here's everything that must happen...


After a year out, WWE's usual mini-shake up pre-Survivor Series has happened again.

Drew McIntyre has followed AJ Styles (2017) and Daniel Bryan (2018) in winning the WWE Title before the pay-per-view. His win over Randy Orton on Raw means the big Scot will now step into the breach for a 'Champ vs. Champ' showing against Roman Reigns, not Mr. RKO. Does that freshen the pay-per-view up?

Hmm. Not really, but at least it avoids sticking another awkward heel vs. heel match on the show. Survivors 2020 already has one of those, and it's joined by no less than two babyface vs. babyface bouts as well. For some, this won't be a problem - after all, this event isn't really about all this Raw vs. SmackDown stuff. Nope, it's about honouring The Undertaker's 30 years of service.

That celebration is something WWE must get right. There's little on this pay-per-view that'll have any bearing on events in December or into the new year, but it's still important that the company pay tribute to a true great properly. 'Taker deserves respect, and he must go out the right way...


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