WWE Survivor Series 2020: 40 Things You Probably Missed

Botches, bumps and The Undertaker's heart breaking right in front of you...


That's it then.

After 30 long years, The Undertaker has seemingly given his "final farewell" at Survivor Series 2020. Or, has he? This is pro wrestling, and even the biggest stars rarely walk away for good on their own terms. It'd be a bit of a surprise to see 'Taker stay away - even Shawn Michaels couldn't keep that going, and he was gone for almost nine years!

Sunday's pay-per-view won't have a huge bearing on events in December and beyond, but it was an entertaining (if slightly long-winded) watch. The main positive is that it had stacks of sneaky little moments and hidden gems to pick out. This article brings together every single one of them.

There were regrettable botches, incredible bumps, hilarious spots and more. WWE might not always get it right, but their roster is rife with personality, and that rewards those who keep a beady eye on things from start to finish.

Prepare to weep tears of sadness upon witnessing a legend finally come to terms with the thought that this might be his final walk to the ring too. Also, don't forget to duck when Shayna Baszler throws a kick...


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