WWE Survivor Series: 8 Predictions That Will Happen

With no Seth Rollins around, SOMEONE is turning heel on Sunday.

Had Seth Rollins not been injured a few weeks back, the card of this Sunday's Survivor Series would have no doubt looked a lot different. As it is, it's a tad underwhelming. The highlights are no doubt the reunion of the Brothers of Destruction and the fact that a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion is going to be crowned, but even those have their downsides. However, while the card may not be that exciting on paper, it's definitely intriguing. There are a very long list of rumours going into this one, with a major heel turn for at least one former member of The Shield seemingly inevitable. Throw in the fact that there's a match which may just make or break the career of one recent NXT call up along with the rather bizarre supernatural story revolving around The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt, and there's no denying that it should be well worth tuning in on Sunday just to see how all these matches end up playing out.

8. Kane Turns On The Undertaker

The latest episode of Raw made it clear that while Bray Wyatt has failed to end the Brothers of Destruction, he still holds a piece of their souls which has given him at least a fraction of their supernatural abilities (just roll with it). The best possible way for that to pay off at Survivor Series is to have the Eater of Worlds use those to set Kane on The Undertaker, a surprising twist which reignites the feud between these two legends. With both of their careers clearly close to wrapping up, having Kane take out The Undertaker here in order to set up a farewell match between them at next year's WrestleMania makes a lot of sense. Whether that leads to one or both of them retiring is hard to say, but given Kane's recent stint with The Authority and the fact that he was abducted by The Wyatt Family shortly after they debuted, bringing that story full circle by having Bray use Kane against his brother opens the door to a lot of interesting storytelling possibilities. Admittedly, there are a number of much better choices for The Undertaker to take on at WrestleMania, but it would be a nostalgic match which both men may have asked for at this stage in their respective careers. If that is the case, setting it up at Survivor Series on Sunday is a must, and also a great way to acknowledge the Deadman's storied history with Kane during his 25th anniversary at the event.

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