WWE Suspends Paige For 60 Days

WWE Diva suffers second Wellness Policy violation.

According to WWE's corporate website, former WWE Diva's Champion Paige has been suspended for 60 days effective immediately due to her second violation of the company's Wellness Policy. Their statement in full reads:

'WWE has suspended Saraya-Jade Bevis (Paige) for 60 days effective immediately for her second violation of the company’s talent wellness policy'.

WWE does not typically disclose why talents have failed the Wellness Policy or what, if anything, they have tested positive for.

Paige was suspended by WWE for 30 days between August 18th and September 17th, during which time it was rumoured that the Norwich native could possibly be leaving the company. That turned out not to be the case, and Paige is currently out indefinitely with a neck injury which requires surgery. This latest suspension will do nothing to quell talk that she could very well be out the door soon.


A tweet sent out by the 24-year-old just after news of the suspension broke clearly highlights her frustration and hints at perceived favouritism:

'Same sh** different day. Kids..Please don't get prescriptions or doctors notes. I guess rules apply for some depending on your status'.

More news on this developing story as and when it becomes. Please check back at for further updates.

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