WWE Swaps 2 Major Titles On Friday's SmackDown

The Draft curse has struck again; WWE swapped some belts during SmackDown's roster reset.

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Sonya Deville

WWE swapped the Raw and SmackDown Women's Titles on Friday night's episode of blue brand telly.

Sonya Deville requested that Becky Lynch (who held the SmackDown belt) and Charlotte Flair (who held the Raw version) work a trade because of events in the 2021 Draft - Becky is now official property of Raw, and Charlotte will star on SmackDown going forwards.

Typically, neither woman was written to be up for such a swap. Flair even teased a 'Winner Takes All' showdown between the old rivals for that evening's show, but that was a ruse. Deville got her way, and both 'Big Time Becks' and Flair switched titles.


WWE's Draft curse has struck again.

Last year, The Street Profits and New Day swapped sets of tag titles due to brand changes during the 2020 Draft. Now, WWE has repeated the trick with the women's belts. It's baffling that this keeps happening, and it actually shows poor planning from the creative team.


Why program title wins for Becky and Charlotte if they're only going to swap championships months later? That threatens the credibility of their title reigns, surely.

Sasha Banks was immediately installed as Flair's next challenger following the title switch.

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