WWE Talent Concerned Over Jamie Noble Positive Test Result

The former Cruiserweight Champion these days works as a hands-on backstage producer.

In recent weeks, we’ve heard how the number of WWE personnel testing positive is into double figures – and now comes news that there is particular concern over Jamie Noble’s positive test result.

Following an in-ring career that saw him take in WCW, WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and various other promotions, Noble has been working behind the scenes as a WWE producer since retiring from active competition in 2009.

Being a producer means that Noble is in extremely close contact with talent when it comes to structuring a match. Even more so, Noble is known to be a very physical producer where it pertains to repositioning talent as part of his producing process.


According to Fightful Select, there has been severe concern amongst WWE talent after Noble took to Instagram to announce his positive test result on June 26.

It’s believed that there is no heat on Noble whatsoever, and the former Cruiserweight Champion has long been viewed as one of the very best producers under the WWE umbrella. For the talent who are so often in close contact with Noble, it's more of a case of worrying whether they themselves may have contracted anything.


Of course, all of this could have been minimalised if only WWE would have put stringent testing regulations in place sooner...

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