WWE Talent Told Scorpio Sky Not To Hurt Sting In AEW

Scorpio Sky speaks on his legendary opponent ahead of AEW Double Or Nothing 2021.

Sting Scorpio Sky

AEW's Scorpio Sky has revealed that a wrestler who works for "the other company" (presumably WWE) recently reached out to him, asking the former SoCal Uncensored member not to hurt Sting in their current feud.

Speaking on Sunday Night's Main Event, Sky said he laughed at the suggestion, calling Sting one of his favourite wrestlers growing up (h/t Fightful for the transcriptions):-

"I had a buddy of mine text me, he actually works for the other company, and he's like, 'Bro, Sting was my favorite wrestler growing up, don't hurt him.' I just laughed about it. Sting was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up too. Everyone in my generation looked up to Sting. He was everything we all wanted to be and he can still go and still has that magic. All he has to do is walk out and there is still something special about him. He has the 'it factor' and brings a lot to the table still, even this late in his career. I'm honored to be a part of it and it'll be a great match."

Sky will team with Ethan Page to face Sting and Darby Allin at Double Or Nothing 2021 this Sunday (30 May). This was confirmed on last week's episode of Dynamite, during which Sting and Allin chased the heels from the ring, with Scorpio put in a Scorpion Deathlock for his troubles.


Despite Sting's advancing years (he turned 62 in March) and legendary status, Sky has no apprehension over facing him:-

"I have no hesitation. He is a professional and he is an intelligent person and he wouldn't be stepping in the ring if he wasn't ready and medically cleared and emotionally clear. If he wasn't mentally ready, he wouldn't put himself in that position. Aside from that, he's stepping in the ring with two of the best. There are no hesitations or worries. We're going to go out and all perform to the highest level of our abilities."

Sting last competed at Revolution 2021 in February, where he and Allin faced Ricky Starks and Brian Cage in a cinematic Street Fight. Double Or Nothing will be his first live unedited wrestling match since working Seth Rollins at WWE Night Of Champions 2015.


The icon left that match with a serious neck injury, forcing him into a quasi-retirement state that lasted over five years.

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