WWE Teases Comeback Heel Turn On Latest SmackDown

Will WWE turn this "inspiring" SmackDown returnee heel over the next few weeks?

Lacey Evans

WWE could be about to turn Lacey Evans full-blown heel.

Weekly vignettes teased that Evans would return as an inspiring babyface, but events on this week's SmackDown suggests that plan is now out the window. Following the latest pre-taped "babyface promo", Lacey appeared in front of the live crowd for the first time in a long time.

Ring announcer Samantha Irvin encouraged fans to clap and cheer for Evans, but something seemed off - Michael Cole's forced comments on commentary also heaped credibility on the thought that Lacey is actually supposed to be a villain who only pandered the fans in order to trick them.


The whole thing is rather confusing.

Evans did get a pop from most of the live crowd, but her appearance was very Chris Jericho in early-2012. In other words, she enthusiastically slapped hands with fans in the aisle way and seemed to be trolling everyone. Perhaps that's the route WWE plans to go down with Lacey.


If so, then they'll need to be careful. She's discussed some heavy topics during those weekly vignettes, and it could be tricky to use that as fuel for a heel turn.

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