WWE Teases Conor McGregor Signing

Retired UFC Champion is WWE bound?

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WWE are teasing the idea that they could sign retired UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

The front page of WWE.com features the headline "Is MMA star Conor McGregor heading to WWE?" and links to a WWE YouTube video analysing the idea.

What's also notable is the social media around WWE and McGregor. He has recently followed Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Twitter, and in the aftermath of his retirement, his coach John Kavanagh posted a photo on Instragram of Jimmy Hart. The caption was "New job uniform."


Adding to the intrigue, WWE's Twitter account followed McGregor in the hours after his retirement.

However, McGregor was earning millions in the UFC, and would have made tens of millions this year. WWE can't afford him and they are probably just having a bit of fun with the idea they'd sign him.


The likelihood is that his "retirement" is a temporary measure. His value to UFC has gone up amid all the publicity, and he'll inevitably end up doing even bigger PPV numbers and more money in his next MMA fight off the back of all this.

The link with pro wrestling comes from McGregor's trash talking and sensational personality. His retirement is down to a fall out with UFC over media obligations, which resulted in the company pulling him from UFC 200.

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