WWE To Bring Its Wild Card Rule To An End?

After making a mockery of the rule almost immediately, WWE is now looking to end its Wild Card Rule.

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In terms of ruined and wrecked WWE ideas, the recent addition of the Wild Card Rule to Raw and SmackDown Live might hold some sort of record for just how quickly the idea was completely made a mockery of.

From Vince McMahon struggling to explain the rule live on Raw, to the rule itself being broken almost immediately, to on-air talent poking fun at it, the Wild Card Rule has become plain awful by this point.

Seriously, why hammer home the point that only four, then five superstars from a rival brand could appear on the opposing show… only to then have six, eight, ten, whatever many cross-brand performers turn up.


Anyway, before all of our heads implode at the sheer laziness in which WWE has used this rule, it thankfully looks as though the Wild Card Rule may be taken out back of Titan Towers and put out of its misery.

Courtesy of Sportskeeda and PW Torch’s Tom Colohue, WWE is looking to casually and quietly phase out the Wild Care Rule without actually addressing the scrapping of said rule publicly on WWE TV.


The latest speculation is that the Wild Card Rule may be completely abolished by the time that SummerSlam comes around on August 11th.

Considering that Raw is now being overseen by Paul Heyman and SmackDown Live has the involvement of Eric Bischoff, it would make sense that both brands are protective of their talent and wish to keep Raw stars and SmackDown stars exclusive to a performer’s particular brand as each brand looks to craft its own identity - well, unless Vince has another change of mind, of course.

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