WWE To Push Andre The Giant Battle Royal Hard At WrestleMania 34?

A big push for WrestleMania's most disposable match?

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

WWE are now deeply entrenched in WrestleMania season, and while most of this year's card still looks uncertain, one bout is guaranteed: the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The match has become an annual staple since debuting at 'Mania 30, and is now entering its fifth year. It's usually treated as an afterthought, though. Victory in the Andre (which is often relegated to the Kickoff Show) did little for the likes of Cesaro and Big Show, but the bout's lowly status could be about to change, according to PWInsider.

Apparently, WWE plan on giving the Battle Royal a significant spotlight at WrestleMania 34. This is primarily to hype the upcoming Andre the Giant HBO Sports documentary, which will premiere the Tuesday after 'Mania. The company reportedly feel that if the doc draws a good rating, it could lead to more collaboration with the network and American sports pundit Bill Simmons, who is the man behind it.


Rob Gronkowski's interference in last year's ATG Battle Royal drew plenty of attention, but as usual, winning the match did little for Mojo Rawley. Will its increased focus yield bigger rewards for WrestleMania 34's victor? Our fingers are crossed.

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