WWE To Show Famous Bret Hart Vs. Tom Magee Match, Documentary

'Holy Grail: The Search for WWE’s Most Infamous Lost Match' will air Monday.

Bret Hart Tom Magee

Like finding life on Mars or Newcastle United winning the Premier League, the general public are finally going to see something they never thought they could, as WWE have announced the legendary, lost match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee is set to hit the Network.

The fabled encounter, during which Hart carried Magee like a career-creating fireman, will air following next week's episode of Monday Night Raw alongside a documentary entitled 'The Holy Grail', which details the context of the match, its discovery, and the fate of Magee.

The contest, which took place at a Wrestling Challenge taping in Rochester, NY on 7 October 1986, gradually became a piece of pro-wrestling apocrypha, with Hart's performance said to be on such a level that Vince McMahon was convinced to earmark Magee as his next breakout star. Obviously, the wool had been entirely pulled over the chairman's eyes, and the muscle-bound Magee's extensive push failed to materialise.

Stories about the match snowballed in the intervening years, as the tape, assumed lost to time, became the most sought artefact from WWE's vast vault.

In March, Hart's archivist Mary-Kate Anthony suddenly let on that she was in possession of this most holy of relics - but that she would not be releasing it on YouTube. It all seemed like a cruel, elaborate hoax, until screenshots and footage of the supposed VHS leaked, confirming everybody's wildest dreams.

Almost 33 years after the fact, the rest of the world will be able to join those lucky souls in Rochester in witnessing history.

Coincidentally, Bret Hart and Tom Magee are currently scheduled to discuss the match at 25 May's Starrcast.

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