WWE Told AEW's Dasha Gonzalez She Had "Too Much Personality"

"Dial it down".


Current AEW announcer Dasha Gonzalez told Chris Jericho's 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast that WWE told her she needed to tone down backstage interviews because she "had too much personality".

Gonzalez, who worked as Dasha Fuentes in WWE, admitted she was "terrified" the first time she was asked to hold the mic and interview talent. That wasn't really something she viewed as a strength, but she gave it her best shot.

Producers warned Dasha that segments wouldn't be focused on her, and that she shouldn't try to steal attention away from the talent. That stuffy direction left Fuentes robotically reciting scripted questions word-for-word and then trying her best not to nod, smile or react when wrestlers responded.


Facial expressions of any kind, unless scripted, were forbidden.

Gonzalez doesn't have the same problem in AEW. There, she's encouraged to show off her personality as much as possible (where appropriate). If it doesn't fit the segment she's describing, then she won't, but there are fewer strict rules about what she can and can't do.


The life of a WWE backstage interviewer wasn't for her, and her comments on Jericho's pod explain a lot.

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