WWE Tried To Sign Ricky Starks On The SAME DAY He Debuted For AEW

Crazy details of amazing coincidence surface in relation to Cody Vs. Ricky Starks Dynamite match...


In a quite incredible coincidence, it has been revealed that WWE decided to register their interest in Team Taz member Ricky Starks the very day he debuted for the competition to answer Cody's TNT Championship open challenge.

After keenly pursuing Ricky for years and years, the famously destitute WWE finally cobbled together the funds to present 'Absolute' with a deal. The tragedy here is that Starks had, just that very night, the fateful June 11, 2020, debuted for All Elite Wrestling. He subsequently earned a long-term contract on the strength of a tremendous hard-fought loss to the Executive Vice President.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Starks himself was taken aback by the serendipitous machinations of fate:

"The funny thing is, the day I wrestled Cody, I got a phone call from WWE saying "Hey, we've been watching you, and we wanted to bring you in". I said "Oh really, OK. Interesting. Of all days...""

What's unbelievable here is that WWE also found the money after 18 years to offer Eddie Kingston a deal after his match with Cody, per the Mad King's appearance on Talk Is Jericho.

Jesus Christ these people are so shameless and so petty.


AEW should rib WWE by taking an ancient ham-and-egger, laying out a smoke and mirrors masterclass, and use de-ageing CGI effects to get him over as a star on a pre-taped Dynamite.

They'll sign him for five years guaranteed.

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